Corporate Law

ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO' Lawyers provide legal advice to different Spanish and foreigner corporations as well as to directors and shareholders. They have an in-depth expertise on corporate issues, among which some may be pointed out:

  • Advice and performance of secretarial duties in Boards of directors or acting as legal counsel of Boards of directors.
  • Advice in the approval and execution of relevant corporate resolutions,, such as merger and spin- off, acquisition of companies, capital increase or reduction, or winding-up and liquidation of companies.
  • Counsel for directors at liability proceedings, in particular in corporate action for liability.
  • Counsel for companies at judicial and arbitration proceedings.

Additionally, members of ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO are proficient in issuing legal opinions for interpretation of Corporate Law matters of aimed at providing ideas or strategies for resolution of disputes.

Specializing in merchant law since 1983.