ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO' Lawyers provide legal advice to different Spanish and foreigner corporations as well as to directors and shareholders. They have an in-depth expertise on corporate issues, among which some may be pointed out:

  • Advice and performance of secretarial duties in Boards of directors or acting as legal counsel of Boards of directors.
  • Advice in the approval and execution of relevant corporate resolutions,, such as merger and spin- off, acquisition of companies, capital increase or reduction, or winding-up and liquidation of companies.
  • Counsel for directors at liability proceedings, in particular in corporate action for liability.
  • Counsel for companies at judicial and arbitration proceedings.

Additionally, members of ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO are proficient in issuing legal opinions for interpretation of Corporate Law matters of aimed at providing ideas or strategies for resolution of disputes.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO' Lawyers advise in pre-insolvency and insolvency situations.

In this area, their experience is focused on the following issues:

  • Negotiation in refinancing operations and other pre-insolvency acts.
  • Undertaking of functions as Court-appointed Insolvency Administrators at insolvency proceedings before Commercial Courts.
  • Counsel at judicial proceedings and advice at out-of-court procedures to companies in distress. Members have wide experience in the preparation and management of insolvency proceedings.

ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO is regularly required in order to make reports regarding to the interpretation of some bankruptcy terms and to solvent the doubts that may derive from the execution of Bankruptcy Act.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO has an established experience in Insurance Law, outstanding in:

  • Advice in the development of new products in different kinds of insurance contracts.
  • Court proceedings regarding claims for loss or between insurance and reinsurance companies and agents and brokers.
  • Counsel at administrative infringement proceedings before the insurance supervisor.
  • Court proceedings in the field of pension funds.

Lawyers have issued numerous legal opinions thereon. They have intervened as experts before Courts and arbitration Tribunals, not only in Spain but in other jurisdictions too.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO is also well-known by the banking and finance activities.

Lawyers from our Firm have participated in financial projects and execution of appropriate guarantees.

They have advised different listed companies in transactions of material interest and effects in the stock-exchange and securities markets.

Counsel is provided at administrative infringement proceedings before the banking and securities markets supervisors.

Practical experience is combined with detailed scholar research expressed in academic papers and reports.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO'S Lawyers have acted in proceedings before the supervisors and at Court regarding conflicts on:

  • Unfair competition.
  • Antitrust and abuse of dominant position.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO has a strong experience in national and international arbitral proceedings. Members do often act as:

  • Sole Arbitrator or in Arbitration Tribunal – either as member or President of the Tribunal.
  • Counsel for parties at proceedings before different ad hoc or institutional arbitration Tribunals.
  • Counsels in Court proceedings concerning execution and annulment of awards.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO advises in all types of matters regarding real state, in particular:

  • Advice on sale and purchase of buildings and urban properties.
  • Advice on negotiation, execution and modification of lease agreements on urban real estate.


ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO's Lawyers advise on different contractual relations, between individuals and companies, national and international. Their intervention consists on assisting in preparing and negotiating agreements and drafting all kinds of contracts. The purpose is obtaining the best possible conditions for clients in compliance with Law.

As well as that, Lawyers from, ESTUDIO JURÍDICO SÁNCHEZ CALERO represent as counsels their clients in judicial proceedings concerning different disputes on contracts.


There is a wide experience on searching for solutions to conflicts on inheritance, advising clients in defence of their rights as inheritors, aiming at extrajudicial agreements satisfactory to them or, if not possible, claiming for such rights before the Courts.

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